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January: The problem and how we fix it!

Should we blame the festive season…..or maybe not?
Christmas celebrations may be considered as a “flexible” period in our nutrition.
The various gastronomical creations are “teasing” everyone and the festive spirit along with friends and relatives, on holidays, somewhere next to sea, could not leave us as loyal(the mymusclepal way I guess) as we thought we could be on any nutrition programme followed before.
Even the most disciplined persons give up in front of the temptations around everyone during this holiday and festive season.

But let’s ask ourselves, what is the harm caused to our nutrition programme and our silhouette?
For another time can we claim that the festive season is responsible for gaining weight again?
Could we state that January is a “greasier” month than December?

Nutritionists focus on the month of January !
December is always associated with aroma and taste (coming from the turkey, the various sweets, etc.) making it difficult for everyone to resist. Following the celebrations, many people feel guilty for what they have done or better for what they have consumed and surely for the kilos gained in such a short period! But let’s ask, is it right to put the blame on Dcember?

NOTE: A statistical research on households has shown that the month of January is “greasier” than December! Though everyone is talking about December, however the month of January (according to the statistics) seems to be more “dangerous” for our nutrition. Many people fill their cart with greasier and more “unhealthy” foods than those bought in the month of celebrations!

Experts have observed that majority of people demonstrated a tendency to consume significantly higher amounts of calories in the month of January, than in December! But what is affecting our appetite in January?

Why our nutrition is so unhealthy in January?
Finally January is not so “innocent” as we thought. Following December, most of us feel guilty for a number of kilos gained during the festive season. Though a more careful nutrition was expected in the days following the celebrations, it seems that a reverse result dominates our behaviour on nutrition. It looks like we are driven to more unhealthy foods.

THE EXPERT’S ADVICE: Do not focus on the addition of healthy foods in your nutrition! Integrate all these foods in your weekly nutritional plan, with intermediate breaks in between the days of the planned nutrition. Per example give yourself the freedom to consume a greasy food, a sweet, or even the junk food you have been thinking of (remember strictly just 1 portion of it)!